"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." - Charles Darwin .

One of the most frequent question I am asked when I show pictures of the animals I care for has always been “how do you tell them apart?”. 

This feat it exceedingly easy, each and every individual is as unique as a fingerprint. 

Here’s an example exhibiting the difference in facial features in male red foxes.


Upon closer inspection, it can be noted that facially speaking, most male foxes differ in black patterning and snout shape.


“Cheetah Love”  :)

Picture: Hari Santharam / Barcroft Media

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Wildlife Fact #2: Black Bears are not true hibernators!

Wildlife Fact #2: Black Bears are not true hibernators!


Chinese bile farmer witnessed a mother bear break free from her cage and attempt to rescue her cub after hearing it cry out in fear. Unable to free the cub from its restraints, the mother hugged the cub and eventually strangled it. It then dropped the cub and ran headfirst into a wall, killing itself.

Farm bears receive a permanent hole cut into their abdomens for their gall bladders to be milked regularly. When extracted, the bear’s bile is valued in traditional Chinese medicine. Bear bile products are found in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the US and Canada!

It’s a torture chamber, it’s a hell hole for animals. As you can see they literally can’t move, they can’t stand up, they can’t turn around.

This is a financially driven industry which can only ever stop when there is no profit to be made. Learn about the illegal bile trade in your country, then tell others. Please do your part to help these bears and encourage “healing without harm.” SayNO to bear bile!


Feel Good Friday: Silverbacked Forget-Me-Nots With Hugs ‘N’ Handshakes…

There were some emotional scenes down at Longleat Safari Park earlier this week when two western gorilla brothers were reunited for the first time following nearly three years of separation. The pair - Kesho, 13, and Alf, 9 - were born along with another sibling, Evindi, 6, in Dublin zoo but were separated when Kesho was sent to London Zoo to partake in a captive breeding programme. Now the trio have been reconnected as Alf and Evindi have joined their big bro at Longleat’s purpose-built new Gorilla Colony.

As Mr. Ian Redmond OBE (chairman of the Ape Alliance and a conservationist with 30 years mountain gorilla experience) put it, the pictures display “self-evident joy.” He added

What you’re seeing is exactly what you think you’re seeing.

Two intelligent social mammals, who were separate, are pleased to see each other again and play together. It is gorilla joy, being reunited with someone you used to have good times with and now you can again, so it’s gorilla happiness.

Since their parting, Kesho has developed into a massive 220Kg silverback and keepers were unsure how their reintroduction would be received. However, as can be seen from these hug-happy-snaps, they really had nothing to worry about… 


It’s just that we only have a limited amount of money, and have to divvy it up accordingly…

But giant pandas are still cool, and I’m totally in favor of keeping them around if it doesn’t drain an excess of our conservation money! They’re adorable, and the wild ones are vicious to humans, and their diet and sesamoid-bone”thumb” is an amazing example of very quickly-adapting evolutionary movement in carnivores.

Besides, who could hate panda cubs?

Bottle feeding an infant raccoon @WoodlandsWildlifeRefuge

Bottle feeding an infant raccoon @WoodlandsWildlifeRefuge

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Brown Recluse